Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Off To Portcullis House

In a few hours I will be at Portcullis House attending a seminar hosted by the Youth Wing of the Fabian Society, entitled “Will there ever be a British Barack Obama?”.
Am interested in what will be discussed and what we in the Labour Party can learn from the work of the Obama administration, and where glass ceilings need to be broken! When I helped the Obama campaign in Chicago last year, I was struck by the sheer organisation, motivation, and enthusiasm, not just for Obama, but for the political process which has been lacking here in the UK of late. So hopefully I shall head off back home to Hertfordshire this evening, feeling enthused and excited


Aye We Can ! said...

Interested in the outcome - A British Obama? - maybe but from completely outwith the main political party, Labour would expell him - to ega;itarion , open, eccumenicasl

But what is the overall athmosphere in yhe villagegiven todays Ghurka defeat and related meltdown. Surely now best thing for Brown to go - the country's for sure, Labour's Im sure ( comrades less so),and now I think even Gordy's - he is now cutting a pathetic joke figure, Should have gone over McBride scandle alone - the chickens are surely coming home to roost?

PS I see my old NUS sparing partner Phill Woolas Immgration Minister is copping the flack, Now I know how labour got itself into this position - put a neo racist chancer in charge - what do you expect? Justice?

Paul Burgin said...

I trust you are not saying that Phil Woolas or Gordon Brown is racist, because I won't tolerate such accusations towards any senior politicians on either side of the House of Commons on my blog

Aye We Can ! said...

To be clear I said "neo racist", and about Woolas not Brown. And I think I have credibility in asserting this. I was a direct contemporary of Woolas in Labour Students and NUS, both non trots in the samne caucus. Indeed I was President of NUS Scotland at the exact same time as Woolas was President of NUS UK

But on race back then he was even dodgy - a very ineffective backer of NUS no platform policy and always on the inside right in terms of attempts to mtke strong positve anti racist stances that wodu see non trot NUS take a lead on these issues rather than be on the backfoot. He also incidentally was a Labour Friend of Israel went on serveral Mosad finded junkets a few months after the invasion of Lebanon and Shabra and Chattilla. So not NOLS

I lost tounch but watched from afar his inevitable emergence into the political limelight and have noted on more than a few occassions, as a backbencher him preaching about the need for "understanding"of folks that vote BNP rather than challenmging them. I dont instantly recall all the details, but very non Blairite i remember thinkiong - Labour on race, apart from natioanlity realted issues, has been good, even the Blairites.

So whilt not at all surprised Woolas got a Ministerial brief I must say I was surprised he got the immigration brief - like giving john prescott the woimens rights brief, only worse

So I do ask myself why labour got in such a mess over tha Ghurkas - case unanswerable , numbers tiny, and have concluded "Woolas" - the sama beast that even in his student days was running with the right on race issues not standing up to them. And let there be no mistake - yesteday the Labour goverment was "out-lefted" by the Tories and libs

You have loads better than him - now the minster so arrogant, out of touch and inflexible that he presideed over the only defeat on an oppoition motion in 12 years of power. Why - because he is wrong way wrong, as are all his instincts on race, which I am sure has affected his civil servants , who wint need too much encourgagement

Time to go Phil - off to Israel. Youll feel at home there - a positive idea, corrupted by power and the reality that other people have rights, and rights they are prepared to fight for

Paul Burgin said...

Whether what you have said is valid or not, I am still uncomfortable with the adjectives used. "Neo Racist" can mean racist in the eyes of a lot of people

Aye We Can ! said...


OK,I'll say "soft on racisn" instead - and a rank opprtunist to boot. Not a guy anyone, particularly ageing Ghurkhas or vulnerable asylum seekers should be relying on.

Nor it appears Gordon Brown in terms of what is or is not deliverable on the floor of the house. The government line on the Ghurkhas yesterday was amoral at best, about as positive i can be about Woolas. And why stick with hom? You have loads of better people - I can immediately think of 26