Osborne's Economic Acumen. Or Maybe Not!

Check out Hopi Sen's blog piece about how George Osborne foolishy used Ireland as a great economic model, only to see his ideas crash into the waves. I suppose they are hoping that the main agenda will stick on Labour sleaze and not economics, which David Cameron doesn't seem to like discussing for long. If you think thats just me making a cheap political point, well yes it is but you can make a cheap political point and be telling the truth.
Ask yourself why David Cameron states that he wants to see a General Election in June? Yes its to make political capital out of Labour's current woes, but its a silly argument. He knows it is unlikely to be called, he doesn't really want one now because the Conservatives are not fully ready and his campaign team have enough on their plates preparing for the Council/Euro elections. Its just posturing and what is patronising about it is that he thinks the electorate can't see that!
But there is an edge of panic to what he is saying as well, because Cameron also knows how the political winds can change. For all their talk of Labour sleaze, the Conservatives don't exactly have a clean nest either and they don't want attention drawn towards that if they can help it. The Conservatives equally know that all manner of changes can happen for the better within the Labour Party and that concerns them, so by shouting and being bullish they hope enough noise will deflect from their shortcomings. Its a cheap and risky strategy, but its also one of the few effective weapons they have at their disposal, knowing full well that people can be tired of a government after twelve years and that long-running governments get tired. For Labour its a matter of concentrating on internal reform, internal consistent revolution of policy, and most of all staying alert and staying on edge and pointing out where the Conservatives are weak on policy and where they lack as a political party who claims to be ready for power.
Its all a question of staying awake and alert during the night!


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