Trailers To My Favourite Films. No 2 The Ipcress File

Admittedly, being a sixties film, the trailer is somewhat cliche ridden and slightly painful, but some of it does give the flavour of the film.
The Ipcress File is one of my favourite spy films. Starring Michael Caine (in his first major leading role) as Harry Palmer (the antithesis of James Bond, although many on the Production team also worked on the Bond movies). The Ipcress File is about a dogged, underpaid, under-appreciated intelligence operative who, rather than pen pushes, fights against the odds and gets results. Gritty and slightly more realistic about the intelligence world than James Bond, but just as fun in many other ways.
Incidentally there were four sequels to The Ipcress File, but the franchise more or less ended after the second sequel when Michael Caine decided to quit, leaving a twenty-eight year gap between the second and third sequel.



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