Sunday, May 31, 2009

Gordon Brown's Proposed Code of Conduct

I agree with this, but still more needs to be done. I recognise that Labour have been better at disciplining it's MP's (i.e. suspending some from the Party, irrespective of whether they stand down), but within days one hopes to see a widespread cabinet reshuffle with significant individuals being sacked, further moves for constitutional reform, the PM considering his own future depending on how good or bad the results are on Thursday, among other things.
I hope to write up on this shortly, but, whilst the situation is demoralising and we should be doing far more, lets cheer on what has been done! MP's are being made to stand down, some may face prosecution, and for the first time there is real widespread discussion on constitutional reform

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Man in a Shed said...

I'll cheer a general election.

Can no one see the irony in Brown banging on about recall votes for MPs and planning to wreck the constitution to hang on for a few more days, when the Labour party consitution makes him almost impossible to recall himself.