Labour Activists Angry Over On MP's Expenses

In fact some of them, including me, are angry enough to have signed a letter.
Its addessed to the NEC Chair and it registers our protest at “the conduct of many Labour MPs, ministers and cabinet ministers in allowance and expense claims funded by hard working British taxpayers during the tenure of this Parliament”. It demands the removal of the Whip with immediate effect of those “have brought the party into disrepute over this issue”, and it also wants the CLP's concerned to start reselection ballots against those who have brought the Labour Party into shame, embarrassment and disgrace. Liberal Conspiracy have done brilliantly here in highlighting this.
The letter is being circulated across the Labour Party and here you can Read the full letter (pdf)
As I said yesterday, many activists across the Party are very angry in ways some MP's do not seem to acknowledge or understand. The abuse some have had to take this week is enough to knock anyone resonable for six. We will not rest until this is promptly resolved and there is evidence that it will be, but we need to make sure that protest is registered one way or another. If you are a Labour activist who feels as we do, then you can add to that protest by adding your signature to
I will be helping out in Baldock and Letchworth East this coming week for the Council/Euro elections. Am not looking forward to it, will any of the Labour MP's who pathetically tried to defend the indefensible, and/or have taken a patronising and superior attitude to this scandal this week care to help me?

UPDATE: Alex Smith of LabourList has sent me this link A sure sign of what is likely to happen


Alan Smart said…
good luck
Praguetory said…
Best Wishes
Anthony Miller said…
Hello, I am glad you are now angry enough to "write a letter". It is interesting that you were not driven to drastic action a little sooner given that you claim you used to work with Geriant Davies. I wrote to Michael Martin in 2007 when the then MP for Croydon Central Geriant "this shows I was one of the most hard-working MPs in Britain" Davies hit the headlines by managing to stack up expenses of £176,026. Including second home allowence for commuting a 10 mile half an hour train journey - a journey done with relative ease every day by many in Croydon. The resulting scandal, as I'm sure you'll remember, and the fact he had siphoned off expenses for the publishing of party political literature which ended up being repaid caused him to lose his seat by 77 votes. I remember writing then to ask Mr Martin for an investigation and pointed out that Davies had clearly been perverting the rules and he did, well, nothing as he is self-serving procrastinating twit. If anyone within the political parties hasn't seen this coming they've been walking round with their eyes shut!

Anthony Miller
Paul Burgin said…
I worked for Geraint Davies in 2004, when few, including myself, knew what was going on
Paul Burgin said…
I also don't know of any of the allegations you have made, but what I do know is that I was involved with a hard working team that did much for the constituents of Croydon Central. A team I might add, I was proud to be a member of
Anthony Miller said…

I'm sure you worked very hard with the best of intentions
but as this article - one of many articles published in 2005
when the first expenses were finally published -
explains Davies was spending £20,000 a year
on a second home in Westminster while living within walking distance of East Croydon
which has an all night train service to London Victoria. I believe he's now bringing his disprepute to Swansea. I'm sure people like you worked very hard to get Davies elected which makes his betrayal of your trust even worse.
Really though I thought everyone knew about this
it was one of the reasons he lost his seat by 77 votes.
He was at the time the highest spending of any MP.
Paul Burgin said…
I was far too busy working to try and help Tony McWalter keep Hemel Hempstead at the time. I finished working for Geraint around June/July 2004

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