MP's Expenses Row, What Needs To Be Done. Plus Michael Martin & Others Out Of Touch

Anyone who saw BBC Question Time last night who has watched it a no of times has never seen anything quite like it. The whole programme was dedicated to the expenses row and I have to say that Sir Menzies Campbell and Margaret Beckett did not deal with the situation well. Both tried to defend the indefensible (when it came to food, Campbell's response was pathetic) and Beckett showed her unfortunate talent for misplaced loyalty at best and being downright patronising and superior at worst. Telling the audience that they don't understand is not advisable!
It has to be said this is one of the worst weeks in Westminster politics. Many MP's feel like pariahs and that is unfair on those who are innocent and are not trying to defend the indefensible. Its also created some interesting coalitions, in particular the no of MP's (inc Chris Hulne) and Peers (inc Baroness Boothroyd), who have given their view as to Michael Martin's future, which is to go now. Incidentally there is a growing Facebook group calling for Martin to quit, and on Labourhome, 90% of those taking part in a survey thought he should resign.
So what needs to be done at the moment?
Well for a start, some good has been done already and the government have put forward a raft of proposals that need to be implemented asap. Elliot Morley has also been suspended from the Labour Party pending an investigation which is also good. But we still need to do more.

Where the worst offenders within the Parliamentary Labour Party are concerned (am thinking of MP's like Margaret Moran), I think a six month suspension is in order. All Labour MP's embroiled in the expenses row should face a mandatory reselection proceedure if they are to have the expected support of their CLPs, and I think some should consider their position as Jessica Asato pointed out yesterday.
Its radical, its bold, its even offensive and I am concerned about my own political future in saying such things, but I am certainly not alone and I feel that radical solutions are needed if we are to even hope of surviving in government and also if Westminster has any hope of continuing to be a moderate forum of Democracy.


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