Tories Want To Scrap The National Minimum Wage!

You know that awful feeling some of us had when the Tories announced that should they be elected to government, they would have a policy of thrift! You know how there was that awful feeling that this would involve cuts where the vulnerable in our society were most affected! Well Go 4th have spotted evidence that this could well happen!
It seems that some backbench Tories are campaigning for an opt-out clause for the National Minimum Wage, which just goes to show that their attitudes have not really changed in twelve years!
The National Minimum Wage is one of the best policies this government has produced and one of the finest items of legislation since the Second World War, it has kept many decent and hardworking individuals from falling into a vicious poverty trap which they would have had immense difficulty in getting out of, and many individuals up and down the land, including myself, have much benefitted from it. Heck I even imagine it has helped some unpaid part-time Conservative Party Interns, just out of University!
John Prescott puts it brilliantly when he states;

"So Alex - I'm going to do more than just sign your petition. I'm launching an all out campaign to Kill This Tory Bill and expose the Tories for what they are - heartless hypocrites.

This is the 'change' Cameron is promising.

On May 15 the Employment Opportunities Bill has its second reading in the House of Commons.

Proposed by senior Tory Christoper Chope MP and 11 other Conservative MPs, it will allow firms to opt out of the minimum wage of £5.73 an hour and pay what they like.

This will effectively scrap the minimum wage."

Actually, according to John O'Farrell's book "Things Can Only Get Better", wasn't Christopher Chope's nickname "Chopper Chope", given he has past form with this sort of thing!
That said, there is good news, you can help make sure that the Tories realise that this is a stupid and unpopular move. As John states;

"You can read the Hansard of the First Reading the Bill here

Sign Alex's petiton here

Join the Facebook group here

And find more about 10 years of our minimum wage here"

For those who strongly disagree, lets make our point loud and clear.


Anonymous said…
I think minimum wage is for the birds. I'd rather some form of guaranteed liveable income. The former kills jobs, whereas the latter would actually allow people to live half-decent lives.
Paul Burgin said…
I see your point but its valuable as a safety net against some forms of economic exploitation

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