What I Shall Be Doing For Labour This Month!

With the further damaging stories in the papers today, I felt I ought to draw some good out of what has happened simply by mentioning what I will be doing for Labour until the June elections.
Basically I have volunteered to do a leaflet drop in Baldock and Letchworth East seat for Hertfordshire County Council, and if possible, to leaflet for Nigel Agar who will be defending his Letchworth County Seat. If I am going to be challenged by anyone as to why I am campaigning for Labour in the midst of all what is going on, I shall say the following

  • That Labour is made up of many individuals who joined because they wanted to help make Britain a great country and to protect the vulnerable. Sometimes we mess up and fail, but we must always go back to our core aims
  • That whilst an unpleasant spotlight has been turned on many MP's, there are also some unsubstansiated allegations and there are many hard working MP's who have not been mentioned, and yes, many who are Labour. I shall mention the cabinet ministers who have come out of this spotless, including Hilary Benn,whom I voted for in the last Deputy leadership elections as my No 1 choice. I even helped campaign for him!
  • That we have put in many good policies over the past ten years inc the National Minimum Wage, which some Conservatives are actively campaigning to see removed. I shall mention how the prominent Labour blog, Go 4th has actively helped in the campaign against the Tories proposals.
  • That I refuse to sit back and lie down and let extremist and dangerous political parties like the BNP get a foothold in the European Parliament or anywhere else where they are in danger of doing so!
  • That if there is one thing I have learnt in campaigning in the United States for Barak Obama, it's that there is always hope. The Politics of Hope if you like, and that not only does Labour need to improve and change for the better, it desperately needs the help, advice, and support of many ordinary citizens in this country
Guys, I am, in one perverse sense I suppose, optimistic. I honestly believe that a major realignment of British politics (internally where political parties are concerned) is about to take place! Lets work at getting involved with that now and listening more to the voters of this country who feel hurt and angry and badly let down.

Oh and one more thing. Lets have the whole expenses published straight away! None of this drip, drip, and selective leaking. Lets start the painful process now, because the damage has already been done and we need to be honest open, because the consequences if we do not may well be dire!


Andrew Allison said…
I wish you the best of luck, Paul. Being a Labour activist now is rather like being a Tory activist a decade ago. You'll need all the luck in the world.

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