Monday, May 25, 2009

The Winterton's Resignation Letter + What David Cameron Is Not Doing Over Expenses!

Iain Dale has published the Nicholas and Ann Winterton's resignation letter and I felt upon reading it that a bit of fisking was required, or rather a translation:

Dear David,

Ann and I have been giving considerable thought in recent months to our future plans.

We realise we are in trouble and want to get out while the going's good
While I remain tremendously involved both in the House of Commons and in my Macclesfield Constituency (and Ann is also much involved too) I am aware that we cannot maintain the hectic pace at which we have lived for nearly four decades and we would like a steadier lifestyle which would enable us to see more of our family, including eight grandchildren, not least at weekends.
There is only so much of a lifestyle one can have on expenses courtesy of the taxpayer and we realise this is coming to an end

Also with all the changes taking place in Parliament and in local government we feel that it is an appropriate time to announce that we do not intend to stand as candidates at the next general election and we will be notifying our Association Chairmen accordingly. However, I would ask that you do not make any public announcement about our decision until we have done this.
Basically we know we are about to be kicked out unless we do something PDQ, to coin a phrase it is better to use a loaded pistol in a cell than face a firing squad

Parliament and my constituency have been my life for almost 38 years (and politics in general for almost 50 years) and in Ann's case for more than 26 years, but when you feel as we do that maybe the years are taking their toll and perhaps we can no longer represent Macclesfield and Congleton with the some level of energy and enthusiasm as in the past, we have reached the conclusion that we should pass the baton to a younger person because both Congleton and Macclesfield deserve the very best.
We feel we cannot function as MP's with the expenses scandal looming over us and will probably cost the Conservatives our seats at the next election if we hang on.

I hope that during the remainder of this Parliament I can help others in returning to the House of Commons itself some authority, independence and integrity over the executive of the day because the House is currently virtually impotent.

Life is so unfair
Our support for the Conservative and Unionist Party is total and we will continue to do all we can to ensure a great victory at the next General Election whenever it comes.
We realise that by hanging on, as various people have pointed out, we will cost the Conservatives the next election

We wish you every success.
Yours ever


Incidentally I notice David Cameron has not sacked any Shadow Cabinet minister embroiled in the expenses row. Can anyone care to enlighten me what is going on there!


Paul said...

Well, he has lost Mackay, who was quite important to him. My understanding from the media is Tory miscreants are expected by the leadership either to pay back or quit. On the other hand Brown is ready to ditch Blears cos she talks back to him but is less keen on losing Hoon, Purnell, Burnham and the rest. There's nothing for Labour to crow about here. It's pretty bad on all sides.

Sir Compton said...

Both sides will get rid of their dead wood. Brown though, as usual, is making heavy weather of it.

Plenty said...

Brown has showed hardly any leadership on the matter and has always been playing catch up with the others. Even Nick Clegg has handled it better than Brown. The problem is, why Blears wasn't sacked straight away. Brown knows that he will face a rebellion if he sacks them. What have they got up their sleeves?

Tim Roll-Pickering said...

Bear in mind that nobody's actually been found guilty of anything by a proper review body and some of the Telegraph attacks have been shown to be overblown (e.g. a satellite navigation system for a MP for a rural North Wales seat strikes me as a very legitimate claim) so to act as executioner before a proper determination would be hasty. The ones who have been booted have confessed misdemeanours.