Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Bad Day for the Tories!

See here and here. With the latter, they may have an argument, but it doesn't detract from what was said and they were clearly rattled.
Slashing public services and, however well intentioned, thereby attacking society's most vulnerable. This has been and continues to be the Tories' Achilles heel.


Sir NOAH said...

If you really believe that the Tories had a bad day, then you must be living on another planet. These so-called 10% Tories cuts are actually ZANU-Labour's own projected cuts from which the Tories will match in their first year in office. Not only that, but this whole episode doesn't take into account government waste and spending in real terms.

The British public know that government spending will have to be squeezed and even cut. They know that Labour wasted too much taxpayers’ money in the good years and are continuing to run-up huge public debts. The public also know that the Tories will have a more disciplined approach to government and will no listen to ZANU-Labour spinning lies about state spending.

futiledemocracy said...

Same old tories!

Man in a Shed said...

Paul - I think you may find your faith in the Labour party has had a bad day.

Langsley was describing Labour cuts !

What has been truely obscene for it dishonestly and deciet has been the reposne from Gordon Brown to the direct question in PMQs and Liam Byrne this morning on the Today programme.

Read Stephanie Flanders today on the left wing loving BBC. ( I'd put Fraser Nelson's link in too, but you'd probably self censure to avoid it). Read any of the myriad of newspaper articles today.

Labour are lying to directly to peoples faces about the consequences of the financial position the country is in, and even the budget they published !!

Now your an honest man who seems to have some Christian faith. The set of affairs where the leader of your party bears false witness about other parties and then denies straight facts and deceived the public should be one an honest man finds unacceptable.

The consequences of this deceitful behaviour and spin will be even more dramatic for the people who need government spending - as Brown's refusal to either start to make savings or increase taxation makes inevitable ( lets not even bother with that bit of useless spite announced in the budget about the 50% rate which will actually reduce tax take !).

After today every Labour party member should consider if they in conscience can continue to support such selfish destruction of our country.

Paul Burgin said...

My argument is simply that the cuts are wrong. That there must be other ways and means of aquiring what is needed, Defence cuts being a possibility. It is morally wrong to pick on the most vulnerable in our society as a result simply because they are unable to fight back!

Sir NOAH said...

Cut defence spending? Where have you been the last 12 years Paul. Gordon Brown has consistently cut defence funding, leading to a lack of functioning equipment in Iraq and Afganistan. We need more defence spending to combat Pakistani Islamist terrorist both in Britain and aboard.

There are my suggestions for saving finances; Stop all spending on International Development (we should look after our own instead of African countries run by tin-pot dictators like Jacob Zuma), privatise the NHS and cut spending on education (since our kids aren't being educated anyway, but are instead indoctrinated with fascist, politically-correct ZANU-Labour dogma).

Paul Burgin said...

So helping the more vulnerable in society is not an option then!

Anonymous said...

Which public services are we talking about here?

If the government really wanted to save money they shouldn't have signed us up for an illegal and unnecessary war that has cost billions (quite apart from lives), then there's MPs expenses and of course government so-called enquiries!

Paul Burgin said...

I think you'll find that many Labour activists were against the Iraq War and are equally disgusted by MP's expenses

Man in a Shed said...

Paul, I understand the admire you desire to help the most vulnerable. ( What you perhaps fail to realise is that more people in the Conservative party are genuine in this desire than those in the Labour party who see welfare dependency as votes in the bag and treat deprivation the same way a drug pusher treats their clients )

However the impact of running an economy fuelled on a personal debt boom, asset price bubble and then sovereign debt binge is always going to be many people getting hurt.

Its a matter of actions and consequences.

Labour have taken the actions and the consequences are almost unavoidable.

Fortunately I think public service reform offers some large scope for savings along with putting public sector pensions on the same basis as those of the private sector that Gordon Brown destroyed over 12 years.

The break down of society with Labour's anti Family policies and war on Christianity can be reversed quickly by an incoming Conservative government. Which will help reverse the decline Labour have created.

The key point you miss is that all this damage has been caused by the Labour government !

As Margaret Thatcher said to be able to help someone first you need to have earned the money to do it !

On defence I think you'll find the peace time defence budget has been falling for years - its just all the wars Labour keep involving us in that cost. Also much of the military's equipment is now worn out and on the edge of failure. Like the debt splurge to get Brown elected Labour have spent the futures capability to help win a few more votes today. That's not the policy of a moral government.

Just pretending none of this is going on is what really hurts the vulnerable in our society and its time Labour were honest with people about the damage they have done to our personal finances, pensions and government finances.