Saturday, June 27, 2009

Beneath the mask of Conservative Future

Hat tip to Alex at Labourhome, this can be found at the Don't Panic site and makes you wonder if those who were interviewed feel whether the Tories made any mistakes prior to 1997! Which leads me to wonder if any Conservative readers of Mars Hill feel that the Tories made any major policy mistakes during the 1979-1997 government? If so, please share, because it seems like you guys are not making the same painful journey Labour had to make in order to get re-elected.


Tory Outcast said...

I'm an ex-Conservative reader. Will I do?

1) Not supporting German reunification.

2) The extent of privatisation of natural monopolies (water, leccy and rail)

3) No particular policy but Thatcher's global warming stance

4) The ERM - not sure on this one. Did mean that it's very unlikely we will ever join the Euro so a win in the end but this was not the intention.

Still the video is understandable even if cringe-worthy. They were trying to support their party, were screwed over by the editing, were drunk and (like me) were either not alive or don't remember much of the period. Even I scanned wikipedia before listing the above.

Paul said...

Yes, it was all a long time ago. Even 1997 is ancient history now - 1979 is practically before the flood. Most of what people remember of the Tory years, good or bad, is mythology by now and largely immune to reasoned argument. That's what will count at the next election.

Man in a Shed said...

Conservative mistakes before 97 ?

I'd say:

1) The ERM ( obvious really ) although it lost a small fraction of the money Gordon Brown costs us, we should have known better.

2) Failing to get credit for the real terms increases in NHS spending.

3) A failure to see that a more active policy would be required to maintenance the Union.

4) We should have left the EU rather than sign Maastricht.

5) Introducing the poll tax in Scotland first. * Of course the actual cost was at BBC license fee levels - nothing compared to the staggering increases in Council tax in England only used by Celtic Labour to make the English pay).

6) A failure to point out to the public what Gordon Brown would do to their pensions and the countries reserves of Gold and its national debt.

7) We were far to slow to learn the arts of spin and media manipulation that allowed Labour to win.

Of course we are not on the equivalent journey, because the Labour party gave up on everything it used to believe in to gain power, and its now willing for us all to pay a terrible price for clinging to it till 2010.