Friday, June 05, 2009

Gordon's Friday

It hasn't been a good few hours. Yes Purnell, Hoon, and Beckett are all out of a job. Yes Sir Alan Sugar has been brought in, but that said things are still bad. Caroline Flint has resigned in a huff, Brown could not command today's Press Conference, capped with his arrogant statement "I'm not arrogant!" Then you have Barry Shearman, Lord Soley, and Paul Flynn making persuasive arguments about Brown standing down. On top of that Labour suffered far more over the expenses issue at the local elections than the Tories or Lib Dems did! With bad results for the Euros predicted for Sunday, I cannot see how Brown can continue.
There is the weekend to go. I hope, I really hope, that the PM reflects on his position then and lets us know on Monday, because to continue means probable civil war for Labour and the consequences of that are not worth considering without a shudder!


Chris said...

I find it amazing that you Paul and others are dancing to the Tory media tune as if they were writing the script for you!
The expenses media frenzy was orchestrated by the Tory press to implode the political system. They knew full well that Labour would suffer the worst. They are desperate for an early general election.
Ditching Gordon Brown who has steered what will be seen as a remarkable course through a global economic crisis would be the real folly. Fight the Tories like mad and expose their policies! The self-serving clique of careerists who seek to bring GB down are a total bloody disgrace.

Paul Burgin said...

For a start there would be no expesnes issue if every Labour MP was squeaky clean!
It wouldn't be so bad if the government didn't dither and if Gordon hadn't started trampling on some of his MP's who had erred as David Cameron did! Likewise I agree with you concerning those MP's who started briefing against Brown less than 48 hours before polling began, but then Brown should have sacked Blears immediately when he said that what she had done was unacceptable instead of briefing against her. We have to take this to the Tories and to do that succesfully we have to show we are immediately tough with any MP who there are large question marks against with regards to issues such as expenses!
My main problem with Brown is not so much to do with policies (although I have some issues there with regards to ID Cards etc..), but rather to do with the way he governs with toxic briefing and dithering when he needs to be assertive.

Man in a Shed said...

@Chris - You shouldn't assume the expense/allowance scandal is a Tory plot.

We had Labour just where we wanted you before all this started. The Expenses scandal has distracted the public from the earth shattering destruction of the nations finances made just for the sake of Gordon Brown's ego and keeping Labour in power for a few more months.

Who knows what the Telegraph's motivations were in all this, and they have lawyers who stop you asking the question, but it wasn't to help the Conservative party.

At some point Labour party members have to accept they have a very poor leader of a failed government that is now doing damage to the country at a rate that will take at least two decades to pay off.

Catch Gordon Browns straight denial of the need to either raise taxes or reduce spending (twice) to Fraser Nelson's question at his press conference yesterday.

We are heading for a financial IMF/Suez type moment that will hurt every person in this country, many of them for the rest of their lives. The less well of, sick and those needing help will be, as usual, the worse impacted.

Its just narrow selfishness to want to live the the fantasy world of the latest Labour narrative and hum loudly with your fingers in your ears.

Paul at least sees some of this.

rosegenie said...

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Paul Burgin said...

Cheers Rose :-)