Thursday, June 04, 2009

Last Hours Of Voting..

I don't know if it's worth it at this stage, but given the window of oppurtunity left I will say that if you have yet to vote please do and if you have no intention of voting, then please go out and vote, because for every non vote there is every chance the BNP will get in, and the BNP are not your average political party, they are a political party made up of Holocaust deniers, racists, bigots, thugs, malcontents, and at best; silly and naive people who are grossly ignorant. A single extra council seat, a seat in the European Parliament, any of that will be a psychological boost to them and will also further erode the structures of British Democracy. Yes many of us in mainstream politics have let you down, yes we have been selfish and have failed to help when that help is needed. Yes we have failed to help protect our Democratic structures as seen by the MP's expense scandal but many of us want to see the best for everyone, many of us welcome people not on the colour of their skin or their cultural background, but on the content of their character. Please help us make a fresh start in protecting all that is politically decent in this country by going out to vote

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Paul said...

No it's probably not worth it - the people you need to reach probably aren't reading anyway. Nevertheless, it was well put.

Incidentally, we have had BNP councillors around here for a few years. When they first got elected it was a bit of a shock, but the world didn't end. I don't think we've got any BNP councillors just now. Unpleasant as they were, they turned out to more useless than they were dangerous and just didn't get re-elected.