Monday, June 01, 2009

The Murder of the Late Term Abortionist

I have looked at this with a mixture of feelings and views. First of all it was a cruel and pointless murder which did nothing positive and, if the killer is a professed Christian, an act of barbarity and gross hypocrisy. The fact that the murder took place in a Church only adds to the revulsion and my thoughts and prayers go to George Tiller's family.
But that said, I do find the concept of late term abortions difficult to deal with. I can see the arguments for abortion in many cases, I may be pro life, but I can understand and empathise, and indeed in some extreme cases I would probably say that abortion may only be the correct route to take. But in a World where babies can have a chance of survival at 24 weeks I find the concept of late term abortions very difficult to stomach.
Its an awful and emotive issue to be sure and one I feel uncomfortable with, but the way forward is for people on both sides of the argument to listen to each other, to try and understand where each other is coming from, to try and understand each incident, because if we use blanket terms to describe opponents on this issue we are going to get absolutely nowhere and we will understand less why people like George Tiller perform late term abortions and why some pro-lifers are warped and hypocritical enough to want such people dead.

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