Saturday, June 27, 2009

Twenty Questions to a Fellow Blogger Part CXXVIII: Derek Thomas

Derek Thomas lives in St Buryan with his wife and son. He works as the Development Manager for a large voluntary organisation in Helston. He is also a Penwith District Councillor for Penzance and the Conservative Parliamentary Candidate for the St Ives Constituency. His blog is Derek for St Ives.

What made you decide to start blogging?

The local press seemed reluctant to cover my political activity so I chose to deal directly with the electorate. They have a right to be informed about the choice available to them to represent them in Westminster.

What is your best blogging experience?

Bumping into people in the street who compliment the blog and tell me they follow it closely.

And your worst?

Trying to set the thing up and stop it crashing!

What do you regard as your best blog entry?

I think I get better at it with each entry and so each new one is my best!

Favourite blogs?

I am entirely vain and rarely check out other people’s blog, sorry everyone!

What inspired you to go into politics?

As a young school boy the teachers chose to strike. I could not understand why they would so looked into it and have been more addicted as each day goes by.

Whats the best and the worst thing about St Ives?

The St Ives Constituency is the most beautiful of all with lovely people and fantastic landscape/coastline. I love it and feel privileged to grown up and live here. However, it is hundreds of square miles of rural countryside including off-islands 26 miles off shore. Time and money is soaked up travelling back and forth. I would not swop it though.

What do you make of the Cornish Nationalist movement and is there a case for Cornwall being a politically unique county within the UK?

The nationalist movement has important things to say and many of them sit comfortably with the Conservative commitment to reduce the size of government and return power to local communities. However, Cornwall has a wealth of things to offer the rest of the UK and can play a far greater role within the UK rather than being isolated. We have low crime, caring communities, creative industry and great hospitality skills. These are our strengths and we can share these qualities by seeking a greater profile within the UK. I believe I am a visionary politician.

Is there anywhere abroad which you haven't been to, that you would like to visit?

Africa. I’d love to see how social action works in places of extreme poverty and what makes such broken people so grateful for small mercies.

Is there anywhere abroad you have visited, that you would love to revisit?

Canada, I went there for a conference in 1995 and would love to spend more time there.

Who, excluding the present leader, do you regard as the best Conservative Party leader, and if different, the best Prime Minister?

William Hague, the best party leader in the making.

Which political figure has been your greatest inspiration?

Lord Shaftsbury. Conviction politics that reformed society, much of which we appreciate today. There is a need for similar no compromise politicians dedicated to real reform in society. Iain Duncan-Smith would be my modern-day inspiration.

Favourite Bond movie?

The world is not enough

Favourite Doctor Who?

Not bothered that much, sorry

Chocolate, vanilla, or mint?


Which Band, past or present, would you most like to see in concert?

Take That, Beyonce

In terms of visiting for the weekend, Oxford, Cambridge, or Barsby, Leics..?

London, Bath

Favourite national newspaper?

Telegraph and (The Week)

What would you say your hobbies were?

Sea kayaking, walking, furniture making, reading

And what would you say were your three favourite songs and three favourite books (Bar the Bible and The Complete Works of Shakespeare)?

Bohemian Rhapsody, (anything by Supertramp), Rock DJ (Robbie Williams)

William Wilberforce by William Hague

In His Steps (old book, can’t recall the author)

All the books by Arthur Ransom (childhood memories)

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