Friday, August 28, 2009

Alex Hilton and The Wire

Honestly! You spend most of the day in the garden and you come back to find that a top political story has broken out in the blogosphere and has done several laps.
I have to say I am disappointed in Alex for doing this, not least as to why? What was the point apart from making a lame joke? That said I am equally if not more surprised that the media did not latch onto the giveaways in the hoax, such as "Midsomer Murders" and (copyright R. Monkee). As for the Americans getting angry about the whole thing and the Mayor's Office threatening legal action, I would say that, whilst I appreciate their hurt, it's something thats best swiftly forgotten.
I would also say that Alex is a friend of mine. A classic example of what makes him a good ally was a few months ago I was unsure of how to deal with a particular political situation. Alex was someone I got in touch with and he was able to persuade me quickly on what course of action to take and to see correctly exactly how the situation should be seen, for which I am greatful for.
Yes he has form, yes sometimes he gets a bit silly and that, yes he sometimes lets his passions get the better of him. But he is also hard-working, clever, generous, thoughtful, and 99 % of the time, generally good at being about to correctly analyse a political situation for what it is. He has also matured somewhat in the last couple of years and I think it would be sad if his gifts were overlooked and/or his few moments of ill-thought out actions got the better of him.


Anonymous said...

Just how badly do we want to be trashed at the next election?
People like Mr Hilton could be doing some good with their time but instead they play around in fantasy land on the Internet making us look a laughing stock with antics that would be immature in a sixth form common room.
Simply appalling and damaging to the party he is supposed to represent. Get out and talk to REAL voters Mr Hilton and grow up!

Chris Gale said...

Chris Gale

Sorry, but are we supposed to be impressed by the pathetic, immature and damaging antics of Mr Hilton? As a Labour party member I find it deeply disturbing that this person is anywhere near our party let alone been made a PPC. Our party is going down the pan and one reason is idiocy like this. The damage this does to all of us is appalling. This immature and irresponsible person should be totally ashamed.
When will people realise that this whole trendy net/blogging/twittering (whittering) stuff is useful to a point but the way its being seen as some as the great saviour of our electoral prospects is verging on the pathetic.
In the REAL world (not second life, trendy world) the Tories are cleaning up.

Paul Burgin said...

As someone who knows Alex and regards him as a friend, I feel I ought to point out that there is more to him than this and that he is more than capable of maturity. Hopefully this episode will help bring out the more serious side of his political persona

Chris Gale said...

Sorry Paul, but we can't afford to be a play thing for these people. Its beyond the pale.
If they want to be silly little boys go do it somewhere else.
Do they not realise how people outside their little club of twits view them??

Paul Burgin said...

I do Chris and I am irritated by what Alex did as well. I also know he can be bigger than this