Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Fifteen Years in the Lords

To be honest I am not sure if having a maximum of fifteen years is useful. After all experience is a major part of a good Parliamentarians armoury. Then again there is the "bed blockers" argument against that, as well as the need for fresh blood and outside experience. Time will tell what is best for our Second Chamber, but I do hope it retains it's distinctiveness and continues to involve members with Parliamentary experience


Paul said...

I have to say that Kennedy has given me pause for thought on this one. Most of our parliamentarians in either house don't really seem to do all that much.

Even as I type that I know that's probably an unfair impression of many of them, but our structure of government doesn't give much power to individual MPs to influence things.

I think that if term limits are the answer then we are probably asking the wrong questions.

Man in a Shed said...

The problem is professional politics with no connection to the real world. ( And its a real issue in left wing politics ).

How many people have become millionaires and very rich from the public purse in Labour's time in office: The Blairs, the Kinnocks, Peter Mandelson etc etc...

Read this "Why Most (Sucessful) Politicians Value Staying in Power More than the Public Good:".