Saturday, August 15, 2009

The List of Eccentrics

David Cameron has, rightfully, criticised Dan Hannan over his comments on the NHS. Cameron has also stated that theConservative Party is committed to the NHS.So from that one can assume that any Conservative speaking out against the NHS is not agreeing with Conservative Party policy. Thats not a problem in itself, David Cameron is right topoint out that few individiuals within a political party wouldagree with every single policy that that said party would putforward. But it is a problem when you have a no of members being vocal about their criticisms.So below is a list of Conservative Party activists, being publicly critical about a Conservative Party policy which many British people support.

Dan Hannan (MEP)
"Of course, that isn’t how these rows work. Almost no one who has phoned me seems to have watched what I said in full. If they had, they would have seen that I conceded that there is majority suport for the NHS in Britain (although I believe this is partly based on the false premise that free treatment for the poor is a unique property of the British model), and that my views did not reflect those of my party leadership."

Deborah Thomas (PPC (Via Twitter) )
" furious at the bullshit argument about the NHS. Once again politicians are being forced to agree with a consensus without grown up debate"
"before you attack Hannan, answer one question: if you could design a health care system again from scratch, would it really be the NHS?"

Donal Blaney (Prominent Conservative blogger)
"But if state-run healthcare is such a great idea why are not we advocating the reintroduction of state-run food supplies, a National Food Service along the lines of the 1940s food rationing model?"

Tim Montgomerie (Moderator of ConservativeHome)
"On Wednesday I made it clear that Dan's intervention was a very personal intervention that had z.e.r.o. relevance to Tory health policy. The attack on him by the Labour machine and Adam Boulton is getting ridiculous. A politician is entitled to express an opinion without being accused of arrogance and self-obsession. "

Tory Bear (Prominent Conservative blogger)
"In response to Stephen Fry's dribble that:
“Even the most right wing British politician wouldn’t think of dismantling our health service.” Liberal Conspiracy commenter "cjcjc" said:

I wonder when Stephen Fry last saw the inside of an NHS facility?

Is it *just possible* that the rest of the world has not copied the NHS because it is not the best system in the world?


Damian Thompson (Blogs Editor, Daily Telegraph)
"So Daniel Hannan attacks socialised medicine on American television, and immediately Dave slaps him down. Is it because of his criticism of the National Health Service, or because of the way he criticised it - that is, with an eloquence and forensic command of detail that makes most members of the shadow cabinet sound like jargon-spouting middle managers?

If Dan was an MP, the Conservatives would be forced to engage in the very thing that frightens them most: ideological debate."

Hopefully there will be more to come later today.
That said I will leave you for now with a comment George Osborne made in The Guardian recently
“Only health and international development have been ring-fenced – though today, when it comes to health spending,
[Osborne] says only that ‘we will work hard to protect it’.” *

*Bold italics by me

UPDATE: Tom Miller has mentioned this from the Daily Mirror. Worth a look.

FURTHER UPDATE: Craig Elder, the Conservative Party's Online Communities Editor has supported Charlotte Gore's comment on the NHS ("… like hostage victims love their hostage takers. The world’s most disheartening hash tag on Twitter today: #WeLoveTheNHS, throwing up lots of rather highly strung debates.") as "..first sensible thing on the NHS I've read all day!" ConservativeHome's Graeme Archer feels the Tories are being effectively blackmailed (he isn't the only one). Then there is Paul Waugh's tale of panic at Conservative HQ (complete with a link to yours truly)


ByrneTofferings said...

You may add me to that list, if you wish. ;)

Labour Matters said...


Here are a couple more for your list - using the same link, no less!

The Tories' Online Communities Editor Craig Elder has now made plain his own views, backing a blog that states that "we love the hostage victims love their hostage takers".

Craig has Tweeted that Charlotte Gore's blog [link on original article] is "the first sensible thing on the NHS I've read all day"

He congratulates her for "an intelligent blog re: health care on a day when the sheep on both sides are out in force."

UPDATE: Graeme Archer over at ConHome has written a trenchant polemic against the whole idea of the #welovethenhs Twitter trend.

Iain Dale said...

I feel left out :)

Paul Burgin said...

LOL Fear not Iain, I linked to you on my latest blog post on the grounds that you put forward an interesting argument

Labour Matters said...

And we have our first MP winner (dug up from a while ago). Step forward Peter Bone Tory MP for Wellingborough!

"Peter Bone has called the NHS a 'Stalinist system'. He says people should have to pay for all treatments costing up to 5% of their family income."

More here: