Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Charles Clarke's Speech

I nearly attended this and would be in a bar right now chatting with Labour colleagues, or on my way back home on the train but for it being nearly the end of the month. It seems however that, as Alex Smith states, Charles Clarke is nearly guilty of doublespeak and would be, but for the consistent underlying message "Gordon Must Go"
This is a dangerous path for any Party activist to take with regards to his or her leader. Being critical, saying ones leader should go is one thing. Turning it into a mantra and pushing this line at the expense of Party, issues, and winning elections is something else. One hopes that Charles Clarke will see some sense before long and be aware of the possible damage he is causing to the Labour Party, irrespective of how justified he feels.


Anonymous said...

Its not Charles Clarke damaging our party its Gordon who is leading us to wipeout. I am no Blairite but CC has hit the nail on the head. Its a pity so many people are in denial as we head towards slaughter.

Paul Burgin said...

There are ways of dealing with that anger though