Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Iain Dale in Bracknell

Have found out this evening that Iain Dale is standing in an Open Primary in Bracknell and that Tom Harris has endorsed his candidature.
Well it's an interesting scenario that's for sure and I hope Iain gets the nomination, but equally I hope he loses at the general election.
Iain is a classic example for those who are into party politics of seeing someone on the opposite benches who one respects, but equally one hopes will fail on every occasion when it comes to contested multi-party elections. For those who see him purely as a Thatcherite Tory, I would say they are just seeing one facet of the man. In my own experience I have known him to be thoughtful, generous, kind, and helpful to those from other political parties in ways one would not expect. Yes he can be sharp, yes he doesn't pull his punches when attacking Labour, but neither do many of us towards the Conservatives and he is one of the few who seems to know the distinction between personalities and political allegiances.
I hope that one day he stands for election in something which is political but outside party politics, then I might consider supporting him, but until then Iain I wish you well in Bracknell, but not too well ;-)


Iain Dale said...

Thank you. I think!

Paul Burgin said...

Its meant as a compliment, albeit laced with some tribalism ;-)