Friday, September 25, 2009

John Cleese's Divorce Settlement

I feel a bit awkward writing this, because being a bloke I know my view on this may be dismissed as typical, but does no one think that John Cleese is being unfairly treated by his ex here and does her reasoning (i.e. “being entertained by royalty and dignitaries in castles” ), strike you as a little bit delusional (with regards to her own importance with no thought that some of her lifestyle was down to being Mrs John Cleese) and somewhat snobbish and selfish?
Just a thought!


Anonymous said...

Ludicrous! - doesn't exactly promote marriage when someone can walk away with half your fortune for doing very little!

Chris Paul said...

You go girl!

Anonymous said...

I am appalled by the unfairness of the settlement.

It is clear that the lady is not only wicked but very bitter,no more castle entertainment, or her pictures appearing in the papers, not that one knew who she was before.We coming from a council estate, probably peckham, her actions projects an ungracious woman. The judge should be stripped of his/her robe.