Monday, September 14, 2009

Labour reviewing all spending

Am glad this has happened. With less than a year before a general election and with the need for tight spending, coupled with a need to protect the financially vulnerable in our society, it hasn't come before time. The economy is showing signs of an upturn, but we need to take a "steady as she goes" attitude if that is to be sustained and if we are to encourage growth


Man in a Shed said...

Our debt is now in danger of approaching a level we will be unable to repay without tremendous sacrifice, and may in time (espeically were Brown to stay as PM after 2010 ) become unrepayable as intrest repayments over whelm our ability to pay.

Its the next few decades of peoples lives which are being blown on petting Labour party careers and spin exercises as our country takes on water at a rate that is unsustainable.

Its only the prospect of Brown being thrown out of office that stops the UK's credit rating being dropped (and hence the money that must be used to pay our creditors increased).

Another false dawn based on national borrowing to follow the last ten years which were based on private borrowing will doom our country for our life times and perhaps my children also.

Surely someone remembers how long the debt from WII took to pay off and what the devastating impact was on the 50's, 60's and 70's of having to do so ?

Surely even Labour party members can see this ?

Anonymous said...

No doubt Gordon Brown will be pensioned off somewhere with a seat in the Lords - or maybe even a nice multi-million pound earner like Tony Blair has landed himself! - while the rest of us have to struggle on by through the mess that they have created.