Monday, September 07, 2009

Libya's Standing

Whilst Al Megrahi's release has been uncomfortable and many (inc me) were decidedly unhappy about his release, some good has come out of all of this.
For one thing it has helped highlight the situation relatives of IRA victims are having with the Libyan government, and combined has helped remind us all of Libya's less than savoury past and that Colonel Gadaffi has been more than a mere eccentric dictator.
I am not against the West developing better ties with Libya. The past is the past and Gadaffi seems keen on starting anew, but, as with all such situations, it may be best for Gadaffi and his regime to reflect on the hurt and damage they have caused others and consider that a full apology may help bring things forward diplomatically and politically.

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Anonymous said...

What about all the weapons that America (and Britain) have supplied to Iraq?!