Monday, September 28, 2009

That Andrew Marr Interview

I think "incredulous" is the best way to describe how I feel about what happened here (even more that I agree with Nadine Dorries on Andrew Marr getting personal, although I could imagine some Conservative MP's, inc one very senior one, happily leaping into the gutter on this issue). What right does Marr have to ask other than causing sensationalism. There is a style of attacking Gordon Brown, for all his virtues and faults, that is more personal than any other Prime Minister in living memory and few seem to find that disturbing. One wonders how he will interview David Cameron and whether he will ask a few questions about personal faults of his! Hopefully he won't, but it would look even better if he (Marr) apologised to Gordon Brown.
Disappointed with a capital D and expected for better of him.

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Man in a Shed said...

Hasn't Cameron already been questioned on drugs in his youth ?

Here's a question for you - does it matter if the leader of a country at war and with responsibility for the deployment of nuclear weopons is having problems ? If so what system should be in place to handle it ? Out problem is we don't seem to have one.

The American's think this is a key issue - and have their President's health checked publically and annually.

Marr should perhaps have asked a more abstract question about the post of PM, rather than its current occupant, and other safety critical executive posts and the health of those who occupy them, unless of course he has good reasons to ask the question.

My guess is there will be an inquiry to get to the bottom of that aspect.