Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Tory Campaigns Go Viral

Political Scrapbook has waded into the PoliticsHome argument with this theory, originally put forward by Mark Hanson and Jag Singh, that Lord Ashcroft's aquisition is part of a Tory "Viral" attack ad campaign.
It's not something that should be dismissed out of hand. Ashcroft is well known for ably funding Conservative Candidates in key marginals and has taken a clear and active interest in Conservative campaigns. What Iain Dale and other Tory bloggers with a similar view fail to realise, or rather fail to consider, is that there is a major difference between Lord Ashcroft owning PoliticsHome and being involved, compared to Stefan Shakespeare, simply because one is a high ranking Tory financier and campaigner and the other isn't.


Man in a Shed said...

Actually I think Ashcroft is more likely to kill the goose that lays the golden eggs.

What has made the Conservative and right of centre blogs so successful is the vibrancy, independence and lack of centralised control.

If Michael Ashcroft tries to influence these sites he's likely to kill them. There are plenty of party cheerleader sites of all parties that are as dull as dishwater and don't last.

I find it interesting that Labour types always want to see a Tory plot behind every move. I think that's more of a reflection really.

Tory Outcast said...

I agree with your concerns, particularly in the PoliticsHome case but I think it is worth waiting before passing judgement. He may be a Tory Financier but he is also a business man and may just be making an investment.

Still it is entertaining to wonder if Iain Dale would have the same reaction if a union or some other Labour financier had bought such a stake.