Tuesday, September 29, 2009

We Keep On Fighting - Gordon Brown's Speech

The great thing about the Prime Minister is that, whatever his faults, he is like an unstoppable juggernaut against the Conservatives and those who are against Labour. Just when they think they have brought him down, he rises again and fight back hard.
The Conservatives and Liberal Democrats called his speech tired (well they were never going to say it was a fantastic speech and they hoped everyone would vote Labour as a result would they), and that's what some of them may choose to think, but what is tired about offering more free childcare at a time when it is desperately needed, or wanting a referendum on PR, or (most importantly) bringing us through the worst of the recession. The Tories hate the idea of economic recovery under a Labour government for the simple reason it will keep them out of power, but worse, they have carped and criticised and offered few solutions or have tried to latch onto Labour's successes as their own. Not the sort of mature behaviour one would expect from a future government.
Ah well, onwards and upwards


Anonymous said...

Well what about supporting small businesses rather than increasing the amount of tax that they have to pay?!

redcliffe62 said...

it was a good speech i agree, but the horse has bolted. the economy is what counts and good speeches ahve been said before and nothing happens.
too many promises, such as on lisbon, too many excuses really, and not enough delivery.