Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Anglican Society Within Catholic Church

As an ecumenist who hopes that one day there will be a united church worldwide, albeit with recognised cultural identities within, I find this development rather fascinating. Of course it is also a sad reflection of how the Anglican Church has suffered over the furore over the issue of Women's Ordination, but I hope that the Roman Catholic Church and the Anglicans who have joined them will come to see the great value the Anglican Community worldwide still has with regards to the Christian faith, and that one day they will be able to recognise some of the Biblical foundations for the rights of ordination for women, as well as the ethical foundations.


Man in a Shed said...

I read one of the many articles in the press on this last night which said something on these lines - "everyone wants church unity - but on their terms".

I think the move by Rome may yet be the most influential event politically in our country for some time, although it seems to be off radar with most commentators.

Female ordination has increased the "liberal" bias of the clergy, but not the laity.

Any mass defection of Anglo-Catholics will stack the odds further against the evangelicals and mainstream Anglicans who have the people and the money, but just not the influence in the church ( a position further weakened by the mass ordination of women and shortly female Bishops who will share the minority liberal view point ).

Schism is the very likely as a result, as Rome well knows.

At that point the CoE will no longer be able to justify its position as the established church. And without an established Church the whole state falls and must be reformed.

And that is the large political consequence of this.

Rome plans in terms of centuries and they will have foreseen this, but decided its time to push the Church of England and our Protestant State over the edge.

Man in a Shed said...

PS Perhaps this explains Carnmer's dark mood ?

Anonymous said...

The divisions between the RC and Anglican church are farcical - Anglicans having to be admitted into the RC church when both are part of the Christian church - notably it doesn't happen the other way around!

I too long for Christian unity but ultimately it doesn't actually matter what happens politically because the only thing that really matters it that people worship God.