Thursday, October 22, 2009

BNP and "War Crimes"

This is not just a disgusting accusation, it is also farcical. As if the activities of the German Army from 1939-1945 can be compared to the British Army in Iraq and Afghanistan who have done their best to bring stability and order and respect to those regions!
That said, Nick Griffin being on racist marches in the 1970s and 1980s is more akin to the activities that emanated from Nazi Germany.

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Man in a Shed said...

You say its farcical, however many in the military wanted the Attorney General legal decision before they would go ahead to invade Iraq - and it will be the possibility of future legal action that will ahve made them do that.

( The quality of the then attorney general and the handling of the information given to the public are a different matter and could well - if there was the will - result in war crime tribunals, as I'm sure Robin Cook knew full well. But I think the military would be out of it ).

What this does show however is how tricky the BNP are to deal with.

There is a general consensus of values and terms of debate shared by the MSM and main political parties. Therefore none of them have the experience in tackling the BNP arguments. ( Just denouncing them as racist doesn't work ).

They remind me of Sinn Fein in the 80's. When interviews did get trough the interviewer always failed to land the killer blow so many of us desperately wanted to see. Why ? Because they were unfamiliar with their arguments and the publicity ban on Sinn Fien made the required skill harder to develop.

Nick Griffin has already done very well out of a range of radio and TV interviews this week. I heard him on R4 dancing rings around Martha Kearney - and I assume thr BBC editorial team who tried to devise the trick questions and traps for him.

For this reason I fear he will do well on Question Time.

But what this means is not that he should be banned, but that the BNP's argument and reasons for their support need to be carefully evaluated and understood fully ( not just dismissed as a call for a bit of pre-election bribery of the white working class and some sounds tough announcements on immigration which everyone knows are false ).

People will have to work very hard on this. But the thuggery of the so called "anti fascist protesters" just plays into the BNPs hands just as Peter Hain has this week.