Sunday, October 11, 2009

Cameron's Speech

Hit the right notes for the media and the grassroots. Trendy without seeming weird, but also a few incentives so as not to frighten the free-marketeers who despise regulation of any kind.
But where is the substance? Any political party that needs to get into power needs to atone for it's past misdeeds in office and do it wholesale! Has Cameron ever apologised for any major Tory policy committed between 1979-1997? Have the right and left of the Conservative Party really buried the hatchet? I doubt it, they are simply ignoring their rows so as to get into power, but rest assured that once they would be in power, the Right will want to have a large degree of influence and their marriage to the left, being of convenience minus respect, means that we would soon see a minor civil war within Tory ranks.


Tim Roll-Pickering said...

Did Labour ever apologise for any major policy committed between 1974-1979? And have your wings kept the hatchet buried?

In 1997 we expected a Labour civil war to break out soon once in power. Funny how the wheel turns?

Paul Burgin said...

There was the "Kinnock moment" in 1985 when the Labour right-wing declared open and public war on the Hard-left and made a no of major policy shifts over the next few years that pushed more towards a Social Democratic than Socialist agenda. I have always said that Cameron needs to pick a fight with the Tory right in order to gain acceptance with the electorate which is usually middle-of-the-road.

Anonymous said...

The need for apologies are no argument for or against election - labour are as guilty as anyone and I don't ever remember hearing an apology!