Friday, October 16, 2009

Jan Moir's Article

Others have commented on this, but not only does it come across as bigoted, but also downright insensitive and appallingly ignorant (rather like, it unfortunately seems, a large no of the sort of people who enjoy reading the Daily Mail). Tragically many young, seemingly fit and healthy people die suddenly from an undiagnosed illness or disorder and sadly it seems that Stephen Gately is no exception.
Although obviously according to some people the fact he was gay and/or was famous makes him so


Metrodeco said...

This morning Brighton's Nikki Bayley (@nikkib on Twitter) made one of the first complaints in the country about the Daily Mail's vile columnist Jan Moir and here cowardly homophobic attack on Stephen Gately. Here's the Press Complaints Commission's response

Man in a Shed said...

I read the article and it included facts that seemed to have been suppressed in most other reports but then went on to make totally unjustified generalisations and speculative assumptions which surely can't be justified in a case involving the death of any individual.

I'm not sure I like the monstering that has followed either.

None of it has been very edifying.