Friday, October 30, 2009

Kidnapped Off Somalia

I have every sympathy for the couple, I hope the issue is dealt with quickly and they are returned safetly, and my thoughts are with them and their family and friends.
That said, am I one of the few who asks what an earth they were doing sailing in what are known to be dangerous waters in the first place? Did they not follow the news over the past year where the Indian Ocean was concerned?


Simon Dyda said...

One of the few? Surely not.

Nick Colbourne said...

I was beginning to think it was just me who was bad minded. These pirates are fearless. They have to be, until you've been up close to a super tanker or a container ship in a small craft like they use, you simply can't appreciate how massive these things are and more to the point, how dangerous to be near.

That said, the world pretty well knows about the Somali pirate situation, so why would you take your wife within range of them in a tiny yacht?

I truly hope they get through this in one piece to write the book, but I won't be reading it.