Wednesday, October 28, 2009

New Parliamentary Rules Following Expenses Scandal

I agree with most of this, although I am concerned about the issue of not employing relatives.
Notwithstanding the issue of employment contracts, many MP's find having spouses working for them very helpful to their marriage and well-being. MP's work long hours, in stressful environments and while some marriages work well with both couples spending long periods apart, some do not.
I am open to becoming an MP one day (I don't mind if it doesn't happen, but it's a career move I sometimes consider), and if I ever get married at some point in the future the prospect of going into politics in that direction would weigh heavily against me in making such a decision if I want a healthy marriage. That is assuming of course, that I'd be married to someone who would want to work for me ;-)
We have to be careful in what rules and recommendations we put forward for MP's to follow. Many of them are noble in intention, but we must consider what the social emotional cost would be and whether we can be too rigorous as to turn off aspiring new talent from across the political board.

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Anonymous said...

I don't have a problem with MPs employing their wives - after all it works for other public sector workers like doctors - but the issue it ensuring that they are actually working for them and not just getting paid for being their wife!