Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Nothing British About the BNP. At All!

Whilst this year has seen the unfortunate incident of seeing two BNP activists elected to the European Parliament, there are times when one is heartened by evidence that people from all walks of life are not just disgusted by the BNP, they are revolted to the point of publicly declaring that they do not represent them or their way of life.
So it is that five Generals in the British Army have listed their concern about imagery of the UK armed forces being used as propaganda by extremist political parties. Whilst the BNP is not mentioned by name, the context being that it is part of a campaign against the BNP speaks volumes.
Hopefully, if nothing else, this will help send a message to those who have supported the BNP out of naivety, but likewise those of us within the more decent mainstream political parties must up their game in showing that they care about each and every one of the varied communities that make up the UK.
And you know what! I am actually looking forward to Question Time on Thursday! As it now seems inevitable they will be on I think if nothing else, the event could show Nick Griffin up for the bigot he is in front of a very large audience.

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Anonymous said...

I'm certainly not a supporter of the BNP but they have as much right to be represented as everyone else - it's called democracy. It's not democratic to say you can only be represented if I agree with you!