Friday, October 09, 2009

Obama Gets Nobel Prize

Well it seems a bit early, but that said since the Bush Administration was not given a vote of thanks (so to speak) at the end of it's time and seeing there are positive moves in Iraq and better relations with the various European states, it is certainly worth a vote of thanks. Plus as the President has stated, the Prize also gives momentum in helping to work for peace in various arenas.
Am now trying not to feel smug about the fact it will annoy a lot of right-wingers, given the abuse they have heaped on Obama over the last two years. Having such an attitude only descends to their level!


Anonymous said...

Does he deserve it?
What are his peace credentials?

Realtor in Toronto said...

There is a huge space for discussion over whether Obama deserved this prize or not. As I am trying to consider both points of view, I would say, he certainly earned a vote of thanks due to his attempts to improve the international diplomacy and a political environment, but the question is, whether we can actually see any results of his deeds. I don't think they are very visible - at least not yet. So I suppose it would be more suitable to use some other instrument of appreciation although it probably wouldn't be any of the Nobel Prize categories. Julie

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure what these alleged positive moves in Iraq are to which you refer but Obama has been doing a lot of good stuff, not least on his trip to Egypt recently.