Monday, November 30, 2009

Internet Election 2010

This evening I will be at a panel discussion at Portcullis House, hosted by Total Politics magazine on "Will 2010 Be Britiain's First Internet Election?" The panel will include Tom Harris MP, Iain Dale, Jo Swinson MP, Paul Waugh, and will be Chaired by Shelagh Fogarty, one of the Radio Five Live breakfast presenters.
It promises to be an interesting meeting, especially as 2010 will see the first general election where blogging and twittering will likely play a major role. Indeed, the resuts may also change the current political blogging climate, given that some of the most prominent bloggers are Conservatives and the most prominent twitters, Labour.
I shall report back on what should be a most informative and entertaining evening


nationofduncan said...

Off topic but did you get my email?

I must have misplaced your personal email address so I sent it to the address listed for NE Herts CLP Press Officer sorry!

Anonymous said...

Who knows - we might actually see some sort of democracy resulting from the use of the internet/twitter etc!