Monday, November 30, 2009

London Tartan and Independence

I was rather intrigued by this post this morning, my first thought being why should London have Tartan? It's origins are hardly Celtic let alone Scottish, but in the process of reading I did learn more about Tartan than before!
One thought that does cross my mind from time to time is whether I am legible to wear Tartan in regards to authenticity. No don't laugh! I am of Scottish descent via my Mother's paternal grandmother and Great Grandma Taft was Scottish and descended from the Heiton family. The thing is the Heitons were medieval interlopers from France and not part of a Clan as such, but am curious as to whether they served under a Clan when they came over?
So does this mean, given my own tenuous link, whether there are a no of Englishmen who can "qualify" in wearing Tartan, and if so, maybe there might be a need for "London Tartan"!
Which leads me to another item regarding Scotland which is on my mind this morning, and that is the news regarding the SNP Referendum. The thing is, do we need this during times of economic difficulty? In any case I do think that Scotland has gone in leaps and bounds regarding self determination within the past fifteen years. Would having a full executive government minus sending MP's to Westminster make much difference? Because that is essentially all they are proposing, plus they would always remain in England's shadow. In any case it's what the people of Scotland want that matters and I see no stomach for further moves towards independence and I say that as a man with faint traces of Scots blood in me.

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Aye We Can ! said...


You say "In any case it's what the people of Scotland want that matters ...." Agreed - hence the need for a referendum on independence, something incidentally have never had once in this now 300 year old union.

And you are Scottish!!! Get on that plane - you are playing in a Scotland v Andora 2014 World Cup qualifier this weekend