Friday, November 06, 2009

Penelope Trunk's Tweet

Was rather shocked by it's coldness when I read it, although I think some of the comments against her were insensitive, but having read her comments in today's Guardian (with the caveat here that I am against abortion except in exceptional circumstances), some issues come to mind.

1) Why was Ms Trunk surprised at the response. Abortion is still a big emotive subject

2) Does she not realise that some of the outrage was irrespective of whether abortion is right or wrong? It was the sheer seeming clinical antiseptic coldness that came across in her tweet, whether intended or not, that caused much offence

3) I think there is much that was nasty in pre-legalised abortion days that is thankfully gone and hopefully will never return. I am not 100% against abortion, but surely one thing to do that would be helpful to all concerned is to have a rethink and a long look at adoption and palliative care and to work hard at reform where it is needed in those areas.

Finally, having said all this, in spite of all that has been said, I think anyone with an ounce of sensitivity will see that Ms Trunk has had a horrendous time and needs our help and support where needed, not our condemnation and the same goes for anyone else who has an abortion. Esp when few make that decision lightly.

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Penelope Trunk said...

Hi Paul.

Thank you for your thoughtful observations. There has been a huge difference dealing with the US media and the UK media. And that is that abortion as a hot-button issue is totally different in the US and the UK. I had a long discussion with the Guardian editors about the differences before I started writing that piece because they wanted me to understand how different people in the UK saw the topic. I was surprised, but actually, it sheds a fresh light on what, for me, felt like sort of an old topic.