Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Blair, Faith, and Iraq

I appreciate I am a bit late with this and I apologise, and I also apologise for not maintaining my blog this week, I have been somewhat busy with one thing or another.
I did find this interview with Fern Britton intriguing and a no of things come to mind. First of all that Blair seems to be more open about faith issues since his departure (which is understandable, as being Prime Minister you don't want to give the impression you are forcing your faith on others), secondly that he did not feel it was following an edict from God to invade Iraq. That is helpful, although it makes one wonder how clearly Blair thought about the issue in terms of UK interests outside Anglo/US relations! The third is that he would have invaded Iraq whether Saddam Hussein had WMD or not, well he patently didn't, but Blair has just about admitted that he based a whole war on preserving UK relations with the US to the point of being aware that the evidence was flimsy but that it didn't matter and that there may have been a strong case of self deception here.
That's refreshingly honest, but unhelpful and one that does not inspire faith in people's attitude to politicians.


Aye We Can ! said...
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Anonymous said...

If Tony Blair really is a Christian then that certainly should play a part in his politics - if God puts someone in such a position of privilege and responsibility then that is an amazing opportunity to bring to bear God's will and further God's purposes in this nation. The Bible talks about not hiding your light under a bushel.

As for invading Iraq, the fact that there were no WMDs (as we all suspected all along) has completely discredited Tony Blair's reasons for going invading another country and starting a war without considering the consequences.