Monday, December 28, 2009

Labour in 2010

I was going to blog about yesterday's Sunday Times coverage of Labour and Class war but Alex Smith at LabourList has beaten me to it and put forward exactly how I feel about this issue.
The problem is that it's not just a fading target, it's an easy and cheap target. The electorate (who the main parties seem to occasionally treat as fodder with which to beat each other, much to their understandable disgust) are not interested in Fox hunting so much as easy access to good health treatment and education. I don't care if anyone goes to Eton so much as to whether someone is a tax dodger. Equally whilst I deplore the thought of animals ripped to shreds by dogs, I am equally aware that that such views are not the preserve of the Labour Party. Otis Ferry may be an obnoxious prat (as yesterday's interview has shown), but he's hardly going to get an opportunity to wreck this country.
In the early nineties, the Tories used to hurl every old cliched attack on Labour that they could think of. Links to Millitant Unions and Loony Left Councillors were raised in the hope that the mud would stick. Inevitably it eventually failed and the Tories were left attacking straw opponents. I would hate to see Labour end up making the same mistake leading to a major defeat at the next general election.

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Angela Cox said...

Class is a strange thing , Otis might like to think about Daddy coming from his background and how he grew up in a nice new house and had the opportunity to be a working class lad who went to university. I have no idea what his repulsive mother was born with in her mouth . Otis has no "class" in the way I get the impression his grandpa Ferry would have liked.