Sunday, December 06, 2009

Political Class Wars

On one level David Cameron is absolutely and totally right. No one's background should matter, no ones political credentials should be slammed because they went to a public school and came from a wealthy family. That is wrong and abhorrent. I didn't join the Labour Party so as to pick on people and penalise people from coming from a certain social class and neither did a no of other Labour activists. Many of us joined because we care for the vulnerable and socially defenceless in our society, no matter who they are and where they come from. Many of my own age joined because we were unimpressed by the downside of Thatcherism and felt it was inexcusable to fob off the result of three million unemployed as "a price worth paying" or to declare that "there is no such thing as society"
In saying all that however, some Tories do use class as a weapon. One suspects, indeed hopes, they are in the minority and many of them seem to be among the younger echelons, but tell me how many members of the Bullingdon Club or the Countryside Alliance (not a campaign group noted for it's consideration towards those who disagree with them) have joined the Labour Party or the Liberal Democrats? I accept that many Conservatives feel hurt at jibes on class and many such insults are unfair, but it would help if they should the same outrage towards the more arrogant members of their Party


Malcolm said...


I agree entirely with the first part of your post. No one's background should matter. Gordon Brown was unwise to mention Eton the other day. If he wasn't being 'classist' (is that a word?) he was certainly naive, leaving himself open to the class war accusation, thus negating the effect of his original comment.

Something I don't agree with is your asking the question:

"...tell me how many members of the Bullingdon Club or the Countryside Alliance... have joined the Labour Party or the Liberal Democrats?"

What does is matter if every member of the BC or CA ever joined the Tories? As Tories, their background doesn't matter, right? No more than it would if every working class man ever joined Labour.


Paul Burgin said...

The question was asked because, whilst I strongly disagree with the "Class War" attacks on the Tories', I can see where some Labour activists are coming from and I wanted to point that out

Man in a Shed said...

Paul, This class war line is just to distract the nation from the economic disaster that is finally unfolding in front of us.

Its Labour and Brown's personal disaster - but the weakest in society will pay the highest price.

Its a shame Brown lacks the moral backbone to admit his mistakes and take responsibility for them (which means resign).