Friday, December 18, 2009

Things to do with Advent/Christmas Pt 51: The Political Christmas Cards

Whilst some of us are snowed in and we hope things go well in Copenhagen, lets take a look at the Christmas Cards the leaders of our three main political parties have launched.
I have to say there isn't much to fault them. Nick Clegg's is somewhat cute, Gordon Brown's has a nice touch, and David Cameron's could have had a more clearer image of Big Ben but otherwise okay.
Thing is though, it would have been nice to have some kind of strong Christmas theme from Cameron and Clegg. Not blatant and in your face, but something more tangible for the season, otherwise it kind of devalues the moment


Malcolm said...

None of those cards were of very high quality but I think I prefer Gordon Brown's over the others.

Cameron: I feel like saying 'leave the electioneering out! We know your the Tory leader, you don't have to refer to it in everything you do!'

Clegg: Twee. Pictures like that are fine for sticking on the fridge but not for using as 'official' Christmas cards.

Brown: The same criticism applied to Cameron could be mentioned here, but the placement of the No 10 door on a Christmas tree gives it a playful edge that Cameron' pic doesn't have. Like it.

PS: When you do your spring clean of the blog, please please please could you give my new blog a link and remove Cally's Kitchen?

Anonymous said...

Or how about saving their money as most get binned as soon as they hit the doormat!