Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Why Labour Need to Win in 2010

Lets face it, we have a strong armada of disaffected people who are angry with us and, quite fairly, ask why we deserve another chance!
Well aside from the simple answer; "Cos the Tories will be worse!", I think we should be bold in equally assessing publicly our failures and successes. If we hide our failures then we insult the electorate who can see them, if we hide our successes we not only let ourselves down, but also those vulnerable members of society who have much benefited from the last thirteen years.
So here it is, an assessment of where Labour is:

1/ Lessons the Labour Party has learned from its mistakes in the last years of government

First of all we have screwed up on Iraq. Big time! Esp on matters of trust. We also were too timid in putting forward strong Social Democratic ideas, too slow in looking at electoral reform (although there is some hope), too critical of opposition to New Labour, too bullying, too afraid to be radical and frail in what we need to do. We also should have kept distance with the Bush administration and for that we are truly sorry. However...

2/ Why another five years of Labour rule is still preferable to a Tory rule

For a start there are more civil rights for gay couples, we have helped bring stability to Northern Ireland, have brought in the New Deal, the National Minimum Wage (which the Conservatives and Liberal Democrats opposed), the banning of Fox Hunting, substantially increased child benefit, introduced the disability rights commission, free TV licences for over-75s and more.
If Labour win, added to that will be electoral reform, a continual move away from the recession (we are now at 0.5%), and no cuts to Education and Health, which the Tories will bring in because, given past records, when they have made cuts, they have always slashed away at areas where people are in desperately vulnerable situations.
I know I have touched on this before, but let us be honest, let us be penitent, but let us also be confident and put forward our case as to why a Labour Government is better than a Conservative one.


Man in a Shed said...


You are really giving the reasons why Labour should not be returned. Maybe your subconscious is trying to tell you something ?

1) Apart from the actions running up to the Iraq war - which if they had been carried out by a Tory govt would have all you lefties screaming for war crimes trials ( and lets not forget that the death of David Kelly is still very very suspect. - Do you remember the look on Blair's face after his death when he was on tour in the far east - I thought he expected to soon be arrested. )

The key thing on Iraq though is Labour haven't come clean at all. There have been no consequences for senior Labour leaders like Brown for the death of hundreds of thousands of people based on lies told and or-castrated from 10 Downing street.

2) Its a shame Labour didn't follow the church's ideas on civil partnerships, restricting them only to those who engage in types of sexual activity whom have very strong lobby groups. There's a chance a Tory govt will put this right and bring justice to many people Labour have refused to offer it to just for narrow political advantage.

The ban on fox hunting with dogs has always been a farce. Labour just offered a free vote. The Conservatives will offer the same.

The TV licence and minimum wage stuff is just daft. ( Read last weeks Economist on how such measures are really conspiracies of those in work against those out of it ). What good is a free TV license when the lights go off ( as Labour's mad energy policy will ensure they do ? ). Or a minimum wage when your job is exported to eastern Europe and China. ( These events are in the news every week - but the left media never makes a fuss about them ).

Have you noticed how disastrous the economy is now ?

We are running a massive and unsustainable structural deficit.

Its all Gordon Brown's fault and millions upon millions of the poorest people in this country will suffer a a direct result. ( You have to put your fingers in your ears and hum real loud to come to any other conclusion based on the facts. )

Again why do you support the Labour party that acts against your faith and destroys the economy of your country ?

Tell me its not voter bribe TV licenses and whipping up class hate on fox hunting ! They are the equivalent of the band playing to keep people calm as the ship sinks.

Anonymous said...

You may well be aware and repentant of the labour government's failings but I don't think the government are - and hence the reason why they shouldn't be re-elected.

As for civil partnerships for gay couples, are you suggesting that this is a good thing? and why should over 75 get free TV licenses?