Monday, March 01, 2010

The Ashcroft Status

Well I am glad that Lord Ashcroft has cleared up any doubt about his status, but there are some points to consider that seem to have passed some people by!

1/If Labour win the next election, or have the majority of seats and are able to form a government, will Ashcroft and other Conservative non doms stick to their pledges to live and work here?

2/ The Conservatives seem to be content to say that Labour are in the same boat with non doms, but whilst I agree that any non dom should not be allowed to throw cheques at any political party, just how much has Ashcroft actually contributed as an individual and overall how much money do the Conservatives have available, compared to Labour? The political party with the most donations deserves to have the most heat on it regarding this issue, that is only fair.

3. Does anyone recall that when the Conservatives were consistently asked about the Ashcroft issue in the past, their responses were along the lines of "No Comment", or "None of your business!" and, "What about the Unions!" Amazing that they have decided to fess up now isn't it!

The amazing thing about the Conservatives is that, by and large, they thought they could walk this election. A few "Policy by gimmick" pledges here and there, the occasional unstatesman-like vicious personal jibe at Gordon Brown to help fuel any voter anger (only now do some suggest that stops being personal), comments about "sealing the deal" (failing to realise that deals with the electorate are only made on Polling Day), amongst other things. Now less than six months till Polling Day and a belated recognition that personal attacks and "policy by gimmick" might not work they are in a panic.
Rather a sad way for a main opposition party to behave, especially coming up to it's thirteenth birthday in the wilderness if you ask me! But then one day the Tories will learn that they may have to go through the pain and identity crisis and begging attitude to the electorate that Labour had to go through!


Anonymous said...

Whatever you might say about the Tories, the fact remains that they didn't take us into an illegal war costing us millions and many many lives and give all our money away to greedy bankers!

Paul Burgin said...

Well the Tories voted in the Commons, along with the govt, to take us into Iraq, and as for greedy bankers, you mean to say that no aspect of Thatcherite policy encouraged that form of behaviour. Labour's mistake was that we were too timid in dealing with it for fear of offending Middle England!