Saturday, March 06, 2010

Donal Blaney. Another Millstone Round the Tories' Neck

Donal Blaney is one of those bloggers, irrespective of party politics, who I feel sorry for and also dislike as an individual. I feel sorry for him because I wonder how someone like him ends up being nasty and enjoys being nasty. I dislike him because he is vicious and personal towards those he attacks. What amazes me is that, esp in a week with the Ashcroft affair, the Conservatives think that they can get away with having people like him on board!
As it was, today's Guardian did not make surprising reading, although the fact that Eric Pickles doesn't seem to mind him does, (although he was in a pickle about distancing himself today, as was Liam Fox!)For the man who was quick to attack Derek Draper is equally, if not more of an embarrassment to his Party. This is a man who thinks that waterboarding is legitimate, continually refers to President Obama as "Barack Hussein Obama" (and what is he trying to prove there? Perhaps we should refer to him as Donal "Pinochet" Blaney, as that is more insulting although one wonders if he would find it so, or even get the point!), picks on a young Labour PPC, and who spends his time getting pedantic and nasty with more moderate bloggers.
That is probably not much in itself, but it all adds up to the Conservatives not setting their house in order and thinking that, because they will win the next election it doesn't matter! This is arrogant, and not only arrogant but foolish as well. Esp as William Hague was forced to sack Blaney, allegedly over racism allegations over ten years ago.
I do wonder if Blaney ever wonders about his attitude, let alone his politics, and that whether his nasty playground antics impress large swathes of the British electorate? I honestly wish he did for his sake and I sadly suspect not as his sort seem to lack patience and respect for opponents and want to bulldoze anyone who disagrees with them. Somehow however, I think this story will grow and, with an election around the corner, the Conservatives, Donal Blaney, and other sympathisers, may want to sit in a darkened room and think about whether they are a serious opposition party, or a nasty Bullingdon shouting mob!


Hannibal said...


Careful there, Hague did not sack Blaney for racism, the probe found the accusations groundless (and indeed the policy explained in the leaflet is now Labour Party doctrine). You know how litigious he can get. Claiming he was sacked for racism is red rag to a bull...

Paul Burgin said...

Note however I used the word "alleged". I am being careful, but I do wonder how things stand with him also at present. The fact his blog is no longer public says something!

Hannibal said...

Well at least you posted my reply - that might see off the lawyers! That said, you didn't say allegedly - I quote:

"This is arrogant, and not only arrogant but foolish as well. Esp as William Hague was forced to sack Blaney over racism allegations over ten years ago."

There was no sacking as there was no racism. But admittedly you now seem to concede this.

Paul Burgin said...

I thought I did by using the word 'allegations'! That said I can see how this might be percived and will change as soon as I get to a computer