Friday, May 14, 2010

The 55% Majority

Forgive me here, but I always thought that to secure a decent majority you needed just 50.5% or 51%, so it is that I am somewhat disgusted to see that, barely days into power, the Con/Lib Dem Coalition are tightening their claws on power. As Tom Harris says, if it were a Labour/Lib Dem coalition there would be outrage from the Tories!
There are persuasive arguments but the bottom line is it feels wrong and smacks of being anti-Democratic and power obsessed. Thankfully Iain Dale seems to agree.
If we are to be a mature opposition then we need to show this up for what it is, to stand by and let it happen would be morally indefensible!

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Neil Harding said...

I think this is a storm in a teacup. In Scotland the super-majority is 66%. If you are serious about fixed term parliaments you have to have a super majority.

It still would only require a majority of parliament to change this rule back, it is not a democratic threat. This is all a bit of a red herring.

As it happens I have always thought the idea of fixed term parliaments (that loads of people were weirdly raving about before the election) a waste of time, because if the government of the day wants to find a way to call an early election they usually engineer a confidence vote and lose it. This has happened in Germany where they have fixed terms. There has to be this election escape clause otherwise you could end up with no government and years till an election.