Sunday, May 09, 2010

The Coalition Talks

Is it me or do you have the feeling this could cause internal damage to a certain degree in both parties if successful! I somehow get the impression the Tories feel they can govern alone thankyou very much (with 306 seats out of 650!?!) and indeed, if reading the Tweets of some of their activists they hardly seem to be approaching power with humility!


Man in a Shed said...

I think the truth is humility is missing at Labour HQ right now.

Labour have destroyed our economy and put a millstone of debt around our necks.

All the talk of stimulus was really just putting of by 6-12 months what has to happen and making it worse. ( As it did in the 1930's where the trumpeted "New Deal" actually failed - not that you'll hear that from on the BBC. )

The world is ready for the next major down turn, and we can barely keep our heads above water.

This is Labour's fault, and in particular Gordon Brown's.

So I think I know where the humility should be right now ...

Paul Burgin said...

But with less than half the Parliamentary seats surely the Tories must realise they have been given a lukewarm endorsement and that they must respect that!

Man in a Shed said...

We fell just 16,000 votes short. If the Labour party had the same number of votes then it would be a majority government, and we received more votes than Labour did in 2005.

But the rules are the rules - even though they mean we always have 20 MPs less than Labour due to the bias in the system.

So to answer you original point this is why:

1) David Cameron did not declare victory despite one of the best electoral performances ever achieved by the Conservative party. Nor did any other Conservative candidate I heard on Thursday night.
2) Given the grave national threat why we have negotiated honestly, in good faith and generously.

On point 2 we are the *only* party to be doing this - putting the national interest first.

The current Labour leadership is again putting party manoeuvring before the country despite the period of severe danger the country is in.

Your and honest man and think you must see this - just as John Reid, David Blunkett, Tom Harris and Diane Abbott have.

The truth is regardless of your view of politics the Labour party is sick and cannot operate with honour or think beyond the factional advantage of the next Labour leadership.

We will do our best to save the country from the debt disaster and unlike Labour have put party advantage behind the national interest. Somebody has to do it for the sake of the people of this country - who should come first.