Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The Dilemma of the Disaffected Liberal Democrats

According to some sources, it seems that a large no of Lib Dem activists tore up their cards yesterday and joined Labour. I am not sure of the exact figure but it does show how hurtful the latest situation has been, no matter how much it is in the National Interest.
As Julian Ware-Lane has stated, it looks like the end of the Lib-Social Democratic coalition, and so it is that it is worth stating that for those Lib Dems who have left as of yesterday, there is always a home with Labour. We have just come into opposition, we are open to ideas and criticism and we aim to work hard as a constructive opposition that aims to be in government should the Lib Dem/Con alliance fail.
Lets work together and help bring to the reality the Alliance that was dreamed of many years ago


Anonymous said...

Just because your girlfriend said so doesn't mean it's true...

Perhaps it's time to let it go and see how things pan out, you're beginning to look like a sore loser

Paul Burgin said...

Erm, you don't know what my girlfriend and I have said regarding this and I certainly wouldn't readily broadcast such conversations to all and sundry. As it is you clearly don't know what we discussed :-)
I hope I am not a sore loser, the result has changed British politics and I like what some of those changes mean and all credit to both the Conservatives and Lib Dems for that, but equally I think that good government needs good opposition and I hope Labour can do that and my job as a Labour Party activist is to help that happen

rosegenie said...

I agree there should be good oppostion.. I guess the losers need to keep their chins up and keep up the good fight :)