Monday, May 10, 2010

Gordon Brown Resigns

Lets be honest, this was inevitable from Thursday evening/Friday morning, although it's sad that a potentially brilliant premiership never found it's wings and has ended like this. That said Brown has worked hard to keep this country going in the face of a Worldwide recession and has publicly dealt with his critics with grace and dignity and for that he should be commended, as well as having the courage to quit in what must be for him, humiliating circumstances.

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Man in a Shed said...

Its not the world recession that has done for us but our sovereign debt crisis that has followed on the private debt crisis Brown presided over and benefited from.

Now believe what you like - but those are the facts. Brown has laid our country low and punished future generations with almost unimaginable debts just for his own vanity.

But now the cost of Brown's political vanity will have to be paid and its going to be very painful. You'll no doubt rationalise it as being mean Tories - but it won't be true. Brown deliberately ran a budget deficit for narrow partisan political advantage and he is responsible for what has to now follow.