Monday, May 31, 2010

"Regret" is not good enough Prime Minister Netanyahu

Is it just me or does the word "regret" stick in one's throat here. How about "disproportionate", "reckless", "ill-judged", and "tragic".
I appreciate the blockade situation is not clear cut, I also appreciate we may not know all the facts, but what Israel did here last night could be described as totally uncalled for and alarming at best. In any case the Israeli government are going to find themselves in a habit of explaining themselves and issuing "regrets" if their sledgehammer tactics continue


Andrew Allison said...

Paul: You were not there. You don't know exactly what happened, yet you are making rash judgements.

Andrew Allison said...

Look at this video.

boxthejack said...

Yeah Andrew, that poor soldier, who just carried out an act of piracy against a ship carrying food and medicines. As ever the bloke with the stone or "sharp object" is the terrorist "dead-set on confrontation", not the guy with the nuclear arsenal on his side.