Friday, May 21, 2010

The Sarkosy Test

Some of you will be familiar with the Tebbit Test, which was somewhat controversial but it seems there well may be a Sarkosy Test! This is where you find that you have no opinion on President Sarkosy of France or dislike him, but find you have much in common with him, or vice versa.
Let me explain, it seems that the French President once said the following to Gordon Brown when he was PM, as reported by Nick Robinson:

"I shouldn't like you. You're boring, you're Scottish, you don't like women and wine - but I love you, Gordon."
"Not, though," he hastily added, "in a sexual way."*

This somewhat bemused me as I have little or no opinion on the French President as a person and yet I am not Scottish (although admittedly a 16th of my blood is North of the Border and proud I am of it, although my ancestors were the Heitons who in turn were of French descent), and I like women and wine, esp French Red Wine.
So where do you stand where Sarkosy is concerned, do you think he's great but dislike women and wine and are definetly not Scottish, or vice versa? That said there is a caveat to this, he has been gushing over Cameron recently

*This should not be seen as an acurate reflection on the former PM

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Steve Hayes said...

I have to admit, I have no opinion on Sarkozy, or whatever he calls himself. During the Brit general election, I wondered why I found it so interesting, whereas I can't even remember when the French had theirs. Perhaps it is because I was visiting Britain during the previous one in 2005, and was hoping that the Belligerent Mr Blair would be punished by the voters for his warmongering. Gordon Brown wasn't quite so rebarbative. But Sarkozy? I can't even remember what he looks like.